Re2: Use of Learning-org msgs LO1195

Wynn, Eleanor,VCA (WYNN@AppleLink.Apple.COM)
13 May 95 17:45 GMT


--Learning-org is *our* facility and the groundrules should reflect the
thinking of all the participants. Any comments?--

I agree with the principle that all material is defacto copyrighted.
Indeed there is actually such a legal provision in effect somewhere. True
it is difficult to control.

One hopes that the same (or better) professional courtesy would obtain
here as in academic life where people see drafts of each other's research
mss' and hopefully don't run off and claim the ideas as their own. In that
environment there is a consequence of becoming known as a plagiarist. I
suppose similar sanctions could apply here.

You never know when you will actually meet someone from a list. I met five
people in person, whom I had met previously by e-mai, at a conference last
summer. Also it is to be considered that at some point a member of the
list might be a resource or hindrance to you in another capacity--these
are the background conditions of normal social sanctions.


Eleanor Wynn
Transparent Practices, Inc.
Portland OR