Re: Use of Learning-org msgs LO1188
Sat, 13 May 1995 11:30:57 -0400

Replying to LO1171 --

Deep integrity is the issue here. These forums offer all participants an
opportunity to live, think and operate from a place of deep clarity,
intention and human decency.

The thinking, new knowledge and wisdom offered by participants must be
honored, respected and acknowledged. Much of our culture is based upon
greed, fear, subterfuge and control - grounded on the principle of
competition and winning at any cost - creating environments which are
totally unsafe and fraught with danger - for everyone.

The information highway gives us an opportunity to come from a different
place. We have a arena in which we can create a new way of Being with
each other which can create a new way of Doing.

We have had many wonderful discussions on this forum with respect to the
issues of Being and Doing. We, in our culture, have forgotten that all
our Doingness comes out of our Beingness. I feel that Being has to do
with conscious self-awareness - having the capacity to truly Be in the
present moment, whole, congruent, truly present, awake and aware.

This is not a question of Being being better than Doing or vice versa. To
me, these are examples of the Universe, which flows constantly out and
folds back in upon itself, out-pictured, perhaps, by an infinity symbol.
Our Beingness creates our Doingness, which then has an affect on our
Beingness. It sometimes feels paradoxical, for as long as we are in human
form, it seems difficult to separate Being and Doing, as they are
dualities which exist together, creating a whole.

The question here is, "Are we willing to come from a context of - a place
of - congruent, integritous Beingness in order to architect for ourselves
a content - or Doingness - that creates an entirely new way of safe,
trustful creativity and interaction.

I am sure that many of us have experienced the willingness to share some
of our most profound work, only to find that the person or persons with
whom we shared this work, took it, manipulated parts of it, and claimed it
as their own. If this happens enough, it creates a deep mistrust and
unwillingness to give of oneself, and sets up a depression of sorts, which
creates nothing of true value to anyone.

This is a tragedy shared by all, for it means that we all lose the
opportunity to learn from one another, that we lose the tremendous wisdom
available from fellow humans, and that some really wonderful thinking and
ideas do not get shared. Humanity suffers.

I suggest that forums of this type are virtual communities and that we may
want to hold some discussions with respect to possible agreements we might
make with one another having to do with the issues of trust, integrity,
compassion and honor, particularly regarding use of another person's
offerings. In so doing, we will, more than likely, create some highly
useful methodologies and tools which will be most useful in our personal
work and lead us all to greater wisdom.

We at IBSAIL see the creation of community within, between and among
individuals, families, organizations, towns, cities, nations and the world
as being critical to humanity at this time. We have a wonderful
opportunity to do some highly useful work here, which may well benefit our
own lives, our work and our world.

Martha White                         
P.O. Box 528
Pine, CO  80470