Soul LO1175
Fri, 12 May 1995 13:48:54 -0400

The discussion about soul or the soul of an organization needs to be
understood in a communal not an individual sense. We as individuals and as
organizations are all part of a larger whole.

We can talk about the soul of a nation for example. To me this points to
the spirit of things as in "school spirit". Some organizations nurture the
soul and some are very dispiriting for example.

Therapeutic organizations for instance should nurture the spirits or souls
of its staff and members whether they be students, patients, inmates,

Custodial organizations such as prisons for example can be quite
dehumanizing and destructive to spirit or soul.

Organizations which contribute to the workaholism of their employees, or
greedily pursue the profit motive, or destroy the enviornment can be said
to be dysfunctional and to use Scott Peck's terms even evil.

Hitler had a great killing machine that had quite an evil soul to it.

I do believe that their are evil and dysfunctional organizations. I have
been a part of them and they are described in the literature. They usually
die eventually or get sued etc. Michael Milkans company Drexal Burnham(?)
went bankrupt didn't it?

I am rambling now, but let's try to list the characteristics of
organizations that kill spirit or soul. I am using the term as in "Soul"