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I have been "lurking" on this list for some time and have become
particularly fascinated by the soul, metaphor and storytelling threads. I
am an adult educator whose practical and research interest is the training
and development of adult educators. I have used metaphor and story in my
teaching for some time and have recently begun "sneaking in" the soul of
teaching, although I, as others have indicated, usually use different

I do many train the trainer and professional development workshops and
would love to incorporate some of the comments made by people on this
list, as I've yet to find such relevant conversations in any of the
reference material I use. There have also been key comments made by people
that would fit into my dissertation work right now.

I find this type of communication raises special concerns. When I quote
from a book or article, I use the standard convention and provide an
extended references list for participants.

What is the protocol for this list? Should I contact each individual
author whose work I would want to quote or would I quote as similar to a
book? I haven't seen this issue raised on this list, so perhaps it is
question others would be interested in?


Tammy Dewar
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The true test of character is not how much we know how to do, but how we behave
when we don't know what to do. (John Holtz)
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Welcome Tammy! The policy on this list is "You own your own words." In
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OK, but what does this all mean in practice? That's not so easy to state
in a couple sentences. I'll add a little more in a separate reply to
Tammy's message. This topic is open to discussion and should reflect the
overall wishes of the participants on the list.

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