Re: Soul LO1164

Wynn, Eleanor,VCA (WYNN@AppleLink.Apple.COM)
12 May 95 04:11 GMT

Replying to LO1150 --

Doug Seeley writes

--Some of Us enjoy talking about soul and find it
useful. It is just as pushy to direct Us to not talk about soul.

The authority and force behind the implicit taboos about not talking about
God, consciousness and soul at English-speaking academia in recent decades
made them barren, narcissistic grounds for me. That kind of institutional
mental coercion was for me just as oppressive as unjust laws.--

Your points are all well-taken. Many soulful folks will no doubt come out
of the woodwork in the context of the soulful orientation. Indeed I find
the case to be so in all my work. If you are looking for depth in people
you will almost always find it.