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Wynn, Eleanor,VCA (WYNN@AppleLink.Apple.COM)
11 May 95 03:59 GMT

Replying to LO1133 --

--"Back off from soul"--what does this mean?! Can one be "authentic" without
being "soulful?--

This is indeed a valid question. Phew! If we're going to talk about soul,
let's remember the invocation to retire to your closet to pray rather than
doing so loudly in public, render unto Caesar the things that are
Caesar's, etc. etc.

Authenticity is more of a common coin that people can easily discuss. How
many real organizations have people been consulting in and how far down
the road of talking about soul has anyone managed to get? I'd really like
to know. I have always sought to present the authentic (natural practices
developed by natural humans in their natural social organization within
the enterprise, around the formal structure) as also the most effective.
This is just talking about practices and the validity of what people come
up with to do. That's already pretty "far out". Although myself a student
of dharma I really don't feel like forcing this topic on my clients. That
is not "skillful means."

Definitions of soul are so different. Do souls go to hell if bad, what is
bad, do they return to transmigrate, do they all go to heaven once and for
all, are people forgiven for their sins or punished, and under what
circumstances, are some saved and others not? All these topics I fear are
let out of the box when soul is seriously explored, and there is a place
to do that which is not the workplace.

Some people are atheists and don't want to talk about soul. Why make them
uncomfortable? In short I feel it is not very soulful to be pushy about

There is so much ground to cover in the practices that are obvious once
you disclose them, that anyone can see as practical, just by having a
different lens and different granularity of description applied, from a
humanist perspective.

I have to say this list is demanding.


Eleanor Wynn, PhD
Transparent Practices, Inc.
Portland OR

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