Re: Resistance to Change LO1140
Wed, 10 May 1995 18:38:56 -0400

BClemson says in Re: Resistance To Change LO1023:

>This phrase (resistance to change) implies that we humans >have some innate
resistance to change, which of course is >nonsense.

I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that an innate resistance to change is

Some research work (including computer modeling) I'm doing seems to be
pointing in the direction that there may in fact be an innate tendency to
resistance change. Work in the area of genetic algrorithms clearly points
to an optimum rate of change resulting from mutations. Too many mutations
too quickly results in "learning" being lost by the system. On the other
hand, too few mutations too slowly results in the system not learning
quickly enough.

I have a sense that resistance to change is an essential part of a
learning organization.

I think we need to recognize that a proper balance between resistance to
change and embracing change must be achieved for organizations to function
in an optimal manner.

Peter von Stackelberg
Applied Futures, Inc.