Soul Work LO1129

Doug Seeley (
09 May 95 11:41:37 EDT

Replying to Alex in LO 1091... about whispering the Soul word..

I look at this project.. i.e. I feel I am already committed to RBA... in
the following manner..

One of the guidances which I try to live by is "to give to others what I
most want to receive for myself". If I am successful in giving to others,
then I must have had it all along. Consequently , I look at how I am
manifesting my Being in the world through i) self-culture, ii) family,
iii) work as technical/business, iv) work as service, and v) networking
thru agencies like this list. In each of these, I also try to keep the
Think Globally, Act Locally dictum in mind.

For the sake of brevity, I will only touch on each of these and leave
elaborations for another forum or time. In self-culture I have explored
many paths, spiritual and otherwise, but I think it sufficient to say that
I am currently focused on becoming more conscious of the mechanisms
underlying the addictions in my life which keep me from presenting my soul
to others. I notice that the modelling which I present to my children
enslaves me when it is addictive because I become mired in my reactions to
their reflections of this. Yet to the extenct that I can present my Soul,
their mirror reinforces it in me (since they mostly have fewer addictions
than me). My work as service is my part-time practice as a therapist in
Geneva... which just two months ago I identified in my promotions as a
Soul-Centered Approach. My networking is evidenced by my participation on
the LO list which speaks for itself, and the workshops which I give in
Switzerland, Australia, the US and Canada.

With respect to consulting for various organizations,... I only talk about
sould if it is clear that an individual..not the organization uses the
equivalent concept in their perspective. While I don't think it works to
push "soul" on others, if it is a valid notion between my colleagues and
I, then I will use it... sometimes the modelling which this provides opens
the territory up for other individuals then.

However, I think it more important to be grounded in the basic perspective
that at rock bottom there is a network of souls in the client
organization, and that this can be implicitly acknowledged in all of one's
methodologies and tools, and especially in performance measurements and
other analytic tools. These mechanisms can be constructed so that basic
respect for individuals is promoted in how the organization works. The
impact of this, is more indirect that any kind of frontal approach, but in
the end I think that it is not only effective, but the "right" thing to

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