Re: Tao Te Ching LO1113

Wynn, Eleanor,VCA (WYNN@AppleLink.Apple.COM)
09 May 95 02:35 GMT

Replying to LO1098 --

Well, not only is it a different language, but it is about spiritual
development. The "doing nothing" means letting things unfold according to
the Tao, not getting in the way, imposing agendas, etc. Of course a
company can't do this on a macro level, but at the micro level of managing
a group or team, there is much to ponder. Actually I have pondered it in a
paper with David Novick. There is the natural information dynamic of what
a group will explore and the imposed structure of what a management agenda
is and the latter can actually shoot itself in the foot by crudely
overwhelming the former. I don't have time to be tactful here.
Storytelling has something to do with it, BTW, per another thread.

But I just got home and must greet my family. I will introduce myself


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