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Sat, 06 May 1995 09:49:04 -0500

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Aaron you wrote:

>> > How is storytelling different from real world case studies?
>Case studies can be strutured, semi-structured, real time, ... and are
>intended for analysis. Stories tend to be memories of the past which
>embraces certain morals. Quite often we they are myths, decription of
>heros, .... which are intended less for analysis. They tend to be
>suggestive and allow us to make meaning, ideas and insights out of them.
>Involving organizations in renewal process, I often like to get the
>members get into groups to share stories of heros, myths, stories which
>handed down from their colleagues and fictions which they may believe to
>be true to reflect what they remmember as important lessons for their
>organization. We get so much rich information from these stories out of
>which I ask them to pull out themes - to learn from sharing commonality
>and differences as well as the underlying morals.

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Aaron thank y ou so much for this. I do a fair amount of work with cultures
in organizations and this is a marvelous piece to help people understand how
cultures develop and the effort necessary to change them. I would really
appreciate it if you could expand on this concept and you experience with it
on the Net or give me a call or I will call you to be able to learn more
about it. Thanks again.