Manipulation/Victimization LO1079
Fri, 5 May 1995 23:14:46 -0400

Lots of talk about manipulation; when, how, what...As therapist, deal with
manipulation all the time...we just call it therapy. Manipulation is
everywhere. Only a problem when intention is to victimize rather than
facilitate. I think of following continuum:

Facilitate....... .Manipulate.......Coerce..... Victimize
(Discover) Convince) (Threaten) (Take/Create

unfair advantage)

Long-term therapy Sell products Embargos Rape
Team processes Sell positions Arms Wars Fraud
Dialogue Debate Hostages Robbery

Leavers ? Takers?

Manipulation only negative when leads to victimization. This often
gets lost when we talk of manipulation. Facilitation best...but not always
possible. More if interested.