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Barry Mallis (
5 May 1995 15:57:43 -0400

Replying to LO1058 --

To Eileen, responding to her RE: Storytelling LO1058

Your last words about there being "no cause" after being turned loose in
the room (swimming in the fishbowl) launched my thinking on another path.
What our words move toward, then, is another step down the ladder of
abstraction. There seems to be a positive effect to this mingling. It's
demonstrably true in business when pursuing the VOC (Voice of the
Customer). And also true in Concpt Engineering.

But more universally, the thought comes to mind of how people BECOME part
of the story, how they begin to incorporate the essence into their own
psyches or hearts or spirits or what-have-you. Story telling as
manipulation/shaping/activating. Another dense topic. thanks for your

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