Re: Storytelling LO1071

Barry Mallis (
5 May 1995 15:42:37 -0400

Replying to LO1057 --

To Eileen Sample, writing in reply to LO1014

I agree. Milieu determines to some degree the quality of receptivity.
Imagine the initiation story told around the fire in a hot, sealed hut
around a small fire, and how the initiate may listen in awe to the story
teller. Or the corporate meeting where the CEO in shirtsleeves sits atop a
stool to recount the moment of realization which launched him on the hunt
for continuous improvement concepts.

Case study for me incorporates a placed, relatively familiar reality. The
story or tale is a mediator, spoken by a vehicle. It mediates between the
conscious and unconscious spirit and a physical presence we are familiar
with--passing imperceptibly back and forth between spirit world, physical
world, and emotional world.

Barry Mallis