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Welcome to the learning-org. I'm Dave Swenson, a forensic psychologist and
management prof in Duluth, MN. I work with the local police, corrections,
and social services on psych evals, training, and research. I read your
intro and was pleased to see we have mutual interests in the Wheatly, et
al authors. I'm trying to apply these principles to therapy interventions
and am looking for some people to generate a dialog--interested?

In particular, I find much of systems theory fascinating, but sometimes
too abstruse for application. I'd like to find some concrete examples of
applications that I can use in teaching and training. For example, using
the systems idea of amplification of cycles I'm working on a way to help
therapists identify when/where a decision node occurs in an interaction.
It's at this point that a "butterfly effect" can occur and the small
behavior become amplified to a large behavior. I've found that some of the
systemic questions that Steve deShazer has (e.g, miracle question, etc.)
helps identify these points.

I'm also interested in using Senge's microWorld simulations to model
dysfunctional families, residential treatment groups, and similar groups
to better identify or predict intervention points.

Let me know what you've been doing,if you're interested.



>I'm Richard Althouse, a clinical psychologist, in Madison, Wi., working in
>the Dept. of Corrections, and relatively new to this group. Am an avid fan
>of Senge, Copra, Wheately, Kim, Quinn, chaos, complexity, fractals, double
>and triple loops, QA/QI systems.
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David X. Swenson Ph.D. (
Associate Professor of Management
College of St. Scholastica
Duluth, MN 55811

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