Re: Resistance To Change LO1038
Wed, 3 May 95 08:14:32 -0500

Replying to LO1023 -- contributed . . .

>The language "resistance to change" is seriously unhelpful. This phrase
>implies that we humans have some innate resistance to change, which of
>course is nonsense. I would like to suggest that we stop talking about
>"resistance to change" and start talking about "barriers to change".

This is one of the most refreshing comments I've heard lately
and I needed to be reminded of this right now. As long as we
talk in terms of "resistance" we imply a lack of cooperation -- an
attitude problem. When we talk in terms of "barriers" we can
define and observe behaviors which are standing in the way of
change or movement or whatever. This removes subjective reasoning
and allows more unbiased decision-making.

Thanks for sharing your opinions.

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