Re: Wisdom LO1034

Art Kleiner (
Wed, 3 May 1995 01:53:54 -0700 (PDT)

Replying to LO1011 --

More about making distinction and using jargon:

This is a sort of pet peeve of my own. As a writer who often works with
management ideas, I often find that consultants (in particular) like to
stake out a word to mean a particular specific concept.
Unfortunately, there are many more concepts than words, so most words
like "process" and "system" and "structure" and etc. ect. end up doing
quadruple duty.
The result is very confusing.
Words only get their meaning from context. Either the context of the
sentence or the shared context of the conversation and the people
involved. Humpty Dumpty was write -- the words mean what we tell them
Therefore, if you want to communcate rather than just to try to "nail
down" the word, you have to spend your attention on the context of the
thought and sentence as a whole, and not just on the word itself.

Or so I believe.

-- Art Kleiner,