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Mary Margaret Palmer (
Tue, 2 May 1995 15:15:11 -0600

>> When nothing is done, nothing is left undone, is nonsensical.

Well, not really. When one exists in the moment (which is where
any "good" Taoist is supposed to be) there is nothing "to do" but
even if that state eludes one, if one decides there IS nothing "to
do" (just "be") then there IS nothing that can be left undone.
It is our decision whether we be or do and our judgement that leads
towards the doing. Of what value is there in just being? Plenty, I hope,
since that is our existence when we are not in the physical.

This thread is of great interest to me as the voice within that
guides my doingness has of late been directing me to explore
what it is to do nothing. I tried just last week for three days and
only made it for two--doing nothing (just lying in bed and taking
care of only the basic bodily functions) is one of the hardest things
I have ever done. It's not meditating, because if you are
meditating you are still doing something.

>"Evil Taoists"? This is a remarkable oxymoron.
So's "good Taoists" (see above) Judgement is judgment.

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