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Following from Doug's comments on the value of making distinctions, and
the questions he raises therein. I recall it was G. Spenser-Brown in his
ground breaking book Laws of Form who said, proposition 1: Draw a
Distinction. His entire treatise, which has been said, could replace
Whitehead & Russel's Principia Mathematica, is based on that first
injunction. Indeed, I believe that the path of Inquiry, whether practiced
as in organiza- tions aspiring to better modes of learning or as a
spiritual pursuit, is based on this notion of drawing distinctions.

Not every one wants to play, however. To do so, with integrity, challenges
one's assumptions, beliefs, and even more disturbingly, one's
identifications. There are many who prefer, it seems, to dwell in the
murky shallows, and preserve their comfortable notions of self and other.

As to the cultural differences between west coast North America and
Australia, I can make no comment.

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