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I've started to notice -- perhaps belatedly -- considerable attention
being paid to the concept of storytelling as a way of transmitting
learning. My own notion of storytelling is of a way of not only making
sense of the past, but of constructing future strategies; at the same
time, it must involve all constituent parts of an organization -- external
and internal.

Any comments/references/suggestions/questions would be most appreciated.


Ron Mallis

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Roger Schank in the AI community has spent the last 20 years performing
research into using stories as the basis of human understanding.

In the 70's his work centred on scripts, or prototypical situations, and
how these could be used for reasoning. His "most famous" script involved
what you do in a restaurant.

His latest book "Tell me a Story" looks at his work on story telling and
details the different types of stories that he has found.

I'd recommend this book for those interested.

As an aside: I find it quite interesting that members of this list are
finding stories as the basis for communication. The object-oriented
community has discovered "use-cases" which are basically user requirements
stories for how a computer system is expected to behave. Unfortunately
they only use "use-cases" for requirements elicitation, there is no
explicit representation of a use-case in the implemented system -> maybe
we need to rethink our usage of computer systems.

Just a couple of thoughts from unrelated disciplines :->

John O'Neill
DSTO C3 Research Centre, Australia
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