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Keith Cowan (
Mon, 1 May 1995 22:53:02 -0400 (EDT)

Replying to LO974 --

> Now the last point which relates to whether there are better things to do
> in life besides InterNet surfing.. the so-called "Get a Life criticism."
> Swapping the passive ingestion of a mass media for an interactive and
> participative, even creative pastime of List exchanging is an obvious
> improvement in quality of life. What I was wondering, was more along the
> lines that personally I have exchanged almost an hour a day of my time for
> the List, displacing my "real work" which brings in money, and various
> degrees of interactions with my kids and maintaining a household (I work
> out of my home.), hence, I am really not sure that this sort of
> intellectual stimulation is good for my life... After all, is there not
> another level to making distinctions, i.e. clearly noticing the what is in
> each other's heart rather than what is in each other's intellects??
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I am in general agreement with all you say, Doug. In fact, I can think of
a parallel in which a friend of mine spends an hour a day jogging and no
one tells him to 'get a life' because what he does is nourishing to his
body. I can only suggest that if your hour is nourishing to your mind then
stop questioning it. Some people have left good marriages because they
were not nourishing to the mind. I would love to be in a marriage that was
so demanding mentally that I could not spare the time for the 'net'.

I think we are talking about balance here and as long as one pursuit does
not dominate (especially work), then there is a healthy mixture. I believe
that Internet interaction should count toward personal development as long
as the taker can itemize the distinctions learned during the time spent.

PS I spent 5 months in Metz, France and became fluent in the physical
items but very frustrated in my inability to make mental constructs
PPS I do business alliances and much of the conversation is to gain
confidence in each others' priorities and values before continuing with

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