Wisdom LO999

Doug Seeley (100433.133@compuserve.com)
01 May 95 11:17:12 EDT

Responding to Michael McMaster in Wisdom LO972...

Mike makes a strong case for the value of making distinctions, a case
which I share...

But, I wonder if Mike or anyone else in the LO List could help me with the
following issue..?? It is not uncommon for me to encounter a lot of
resistance to distinctions when I use common words for making them (even
with using them for explicit purposes) or when I introduce uncommon words
or phrases (which are often seen as jargon).

At times, it has almost seemed that I come across as a kind of
"intellectual bully" when I insist that the distinctions be made. I find
such situations evers so frustrating because it seems as if the objectors
are not interested in the usefulness of the exercise and would rather swim
around in a sea of murky, and unchallenging concepts.

I experienced what seemed like a strong cultural difference in this area
between academia on the West Coast of North America, and academia in
Australia. In the latter, it seemed that unless I could point out a
benefit of the distinction which they had already experienced in life
(without the distinction), they would not even interested in listening, a
no-win situation.

I know I might be facing a personal block with all of this, but I think if
anyone out there has insights about, it could be useful to others than

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