Tim Dalmau (tim@ozemail.com.au)
Mon, 1 May 1995 16:06:59 +1000

I would be interested in participating in a discussion about those
conditions, if any, which would need to pertain to advise an organization
and its members against pursuing the learning organization route in its
many but similar guises. Or, would such conditions never pertatin?

For example, what about a company in deep financial crisis and only a
hair's breadth away from the receivers and liquidators? Would it still be
appropriate to convince the elades of such an environment to pursue shared
vision technology, encourage personal mastery, etc ... could they afford
the time when their financiers are but a figurative moment away from
shutting it down. It could be argued that in such circumstances pusruing
the learning organization route would be fruitless at best and hasten
their demise at worst.

More gernally, however, what would be the circumstances which might
suggest against such initiatives and inquiries as have been explored on
this mailing list?

Tim Dalmau

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