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Hi David:
Weclome aboard!

I am interested in your definition of "outside members." I work with school
boards in PA. I'm working with the ideas of systemic thinking to enhances the
"evolution" of school systems to become learning organizations (interesting
concept for schools). The major problem I face is that the boards are
detached from the organization's daily operation. This creates what one could
call a "schizo" vision, or two structures of systems behavior. The person who
gets caught in the middle is the Superintendent (CEO). Are "outside members"
like elected members of school boards?

My focus is using the strategic planning process, its mandated in PA by law,
as the way to think about schools functioning as learning organization.
Integrating scenario building (Peter Schartz) with strategic planning is one
way of getting boards to understand complexity in school systems. I hope this
will lead to their thinking (memtal models) about loops and feedback in board
decision making.

Hope this helps. Looking forward to continued dialogue.

John M. Gould
Dir. Center for Systemic School Renewal
I.U. 23
Norristown, PA

Date: 12/28/94 2:37 PM
To: John Gould



Several of us here are trying to find information about the use in
governmental organizations of boards of directors that include outside
members. We re finding some info about boards that have union reps, but
currently stumped on the outside members piece. Anyone have any thoughts or
references? (We assume that having a board of directors with outside
members could be a means to encouraging greater organizational learning.)

best wishes for 1995

David Damm-Luhr
USDOT/Volpe Center
Cambridge, MA 02142-1093