US Army and Learning Organizations

Entner Mark CPT (fm0026@usma8.USMA.EDU)
Fri, 30 Dec 94 09:34:20 EST

Lately General Sullivan, the Chief of Staff of the US Army has been
interested in the Army as a Learning Organization. He was featured in a Forbes
Magazine Article on the Army as a Learning Organization, he has written an
article for the Military Review titled " Leadership, Versatility and All That
Jazz" in which he mentions having leaders for a learning organization, and his
briefing to the faculaty at the United States Military Academy mentioned
several times that the Army is a learning organization.

In his article for the Military Review, he cites an article that I am
trying to obtain. The article is titled "Can the US Army become a Learning
Organzaiton?" by Margaret Wheatley published in the March 1994 Journal for
Quality and Participation.

Any help in obtaining this article is greatly appreciated.

If you have any other information concerning the US Army and LO I would
love to hear from you.

Assistant Professor
Department of Systems Engineering
United States Military Academy