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> Subj: Re: re. technology & OL discussion: publis vs provate
> Ivan, I would suggest that wht you describe as the employee leaving
> disgruntled because "they" (politicians) are not motivated to make any
> changes is more common in private companies too. Although the one strike
> and you're out mentality is most common in government, it is also quite
> prevalent in private companies.
Keith, you are right! Most business function pretty much like
government, where there is very limited learning, and sometimes there is no
learning at all! One could probably say that the repeated mistakes
businesses make could be an indication of that lack of learning. The use of
layoffs as a way of "improving" the financial health of the firm might be
an example.

When I used to have real jobs, many coworkers would share a lot of
good stuff with me over some drinks at the bar down the corner from the
office. This was material that the organization was not using... but I
was! It made me a lot "smarter", and I could help others develop
themselves too!

> I have also successfully helped make significant change in government
> but it WAS right after re-election with a healthy majority AND it was
> lead by a Harvard Business School grad! Made more changes on that one
> than any other assignment since!
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I have had the great opportunity to produce some cahnge in
government too, but then I had a visionary leader and we had the support
from people in very high places. Some of those changes still operate
today, more than 20 years later!


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