Re: MBO, Perf Reviews, Incent Pay & Quality

Dr. Ivan Blanco (
Fri, 23 Dec 1994 10:27:53 -0500

About Sean's very good recent message, I would add that the system should
not be "just" designed to measure performance, but that it should be
designed to identify areas of improvement. The traditional approach is
perceived as punitive, and tends to devide people rather than unite them.
If the trend is toward "dejjobing," and I believe it is, them we must
necessarily think about dropping "pay" as a way of compensation for
performance. We woudl have to move into some kind of schedule, where the
company "pays" for some basic skills/abilities/knowledge etc., and
"rewards" everyone with bonuses or whatever other form for performance -
collective performance that is! In this "everybody wins" approach, it is
probably easier to accept the evaluation of "our" performance as part of a
larger process through which "we" can find improvements that will benefit "us"

So to the section #2 of Sean's message,
IT should address business needs
- are goals met
- are deadlines met
- are budgets met
- are customers satisfied

I would add
- are employees satisfied
- are employees' developement aligned with the business'
- are improvements areas identified

There might some other areas that we must include, in order to make the
system more effective!


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