Re[2]: Metaphor and Mental Models
Thu, 22 Dec 94 13:27:52 EST

Speaking of DANCE as a metaphor, as Steven Robbins suggested, I've been
learning a great deal about this metaphor. As a 40th birthday gift to myself a
year plus ago, I gave myself swing dance classes, and have been dancing ever
since. It presents an interesting view on partnership.

I used to use Aikido as a metaphor (still do) for seeing aggressive energy
aimed at oneself as a resource. Partner dancing is interesting in that it
reflects the same image of two energy forces coming together, though with the
assumption of positive intent on each side. In partner dancing, one person
takes on the role of "leader," yet the best leader maintains high rapport with
the follower, recognizing what they do well and making sure they have an
opportunity to do it, and in return, the best follower recognizes what the
leader does well and creates interesting opportunities for the leader to lead
it. When a talented leader and follower dance together, they are able to
create something that appears almost impossibly intertwined. I find these
images very useful when coaching nascent leaders and when helping two parties
form a synergistic partnership.

Another piece of dance wisdom I call on regularly in my coaching is that "it
takes two to tango."

Marilyn Darling
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Per Stever:
"The war metaphor is overused and destructive I agree. Unfortunately it
continues to be advanced, due in part to many senior manager's early
military training. As an alternative, one might try DANCE as a more
cooperative, less destructive metaphor."