re: Metaphors or Figures of Speech?

Paul Mackey (
Wed, 21 Dec 94 15:59:19 GMT (Original EST) Wrote:
| Perhaps
| some people have done some research which indicates that
| the metaphor
| simply sinks beneath our consciousness and stills affects
| our
| thinking.
It seems to me that we can link metaphors to myths and archetypes. One
path would be to explore Carl Jung's work on man and his symbols and
the research done by his disciples. Another path would be to review
Joseph Campbell's works on the power of myth in our lives. Joseph
Campbell's conversations with Bill Moyers in the book "The Power of
Myth" provide an enlightening look at the symbols of mythology and
legend that are embedded in our everyday lives. I think his work can
help us understand the myths which underly our metaphors.

"The Power of Myth" Anchor Books, Published by Doubleday 1991

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