Re[2]: Musings on technology and organizational learning

Thu, 15 Dec 94 10:01:02 PST

Eric Bohlman writes (very heavily pruned for brevity):

Unfortunately, people have a tendency to assume that the way things were
when they grew up was the way things always were, and the way they always
should be. ... you get lots of people thinking that if we could only go
back to the "values" ... of that era, we could also recapture its
prosperity. But that won't work....

One of the problems with any bureaucratic and hierarchical organization is
that over time, the systems and procedures established as means to the
organization's ends start becoming ends in themselves.... This can lead to
mental models in which people exist to support technology which exists to
do the job, instead of technology existing to support people who do the
job. This is a dead end...

To which I can only respond: Hear! hear! Would that I could have said
it so well. And you never even resorted to using the word paradigm!

Sean Gawne,