Re: Intro Gary Boehm
Mon, 12 Dec 1994 21:13:59 -0500

Hi, my name is Gary Boehm, please forgive my aol "name," I didn't realize how
I would be using this service when I first signed on. I am the Head of
Middle School at Maumee Valley Country Day School in Toledo, OH. I read The
Fifth Discipline last summer and attended the Systems conference in Concord.
At work I have been running a reading group for the past couple of months.
Basically, our group has been exploring the possibility of teaching systems.
I must admit that I am not yet certain that the systems approach is going to
catch on in education and I'm not sure how hard I should be pushing for it,
but I am very intrigued by the potential of a systems approach to transform
education. Where does one begin? I wonder if it is possible to use it in
the classroom and not have it be part of our organizational structure?
Somehow I don't think so, and I wonder if we shouldn't work on becoming a
learning organization before we begin to teach it to kids. Any thoughts?