Re: BPR & L-O (Art Kleiner)

Sat, 10 Dec 1994 17:48:38 +0000


This might be an interesting question to send to the bpr-l list. My
personal belief is that reengineering efforts have to include more "soft"
thinking than today.
Two days ago, I presented my approach to organizational transformation
for Claudio Ciborra, who is currently working on an integration of core
competencies and organizational learning with regard to the use of IT, and
he considered as being rather mechanistic, even though it is a "soft"
reengineering approach in my own eyes, combining radical redesign with a
migrative implementation.
IMHO, a successful BPR project that even takes into account the aspects
of L-O should not be solely focused on the aspects of business processes,
but requires a more holistic approach in order to enable the development of
a "learning culture" within the organization, even though the result of
this cannot be grasped by using the conventional quantitative measures.


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