Intro - David Wick

David Wick (David.Wick@Corp.Sun.COM)
Fri, 9 Dec 1994 00:20:59 -0800

Greetings, My name is David Wick and I have been very interested in the
concept of organization learning for 3-4 years. I work as a management
trainer and consultant at Sun Microsystems in Mt. View CA and look for new
ways for us to discover and use our full capabilities, on all levels.

I attended the Bretton Woods '94 conference in late June and found it to be a
real boost to my learning and network. I want to tell you about two projects
I have a leadership role in that provide a wonderful opportunity to get
practicle and tacticle with orgaization learning. After several years of
trying to bring attention to OL at Sun, the clouds are now parting (sorry, I
couldn't help myself). There are 15 teams that spent an intense 2 months
analysing all aspects of the Human Resources Information Resources systems,
and making detailed recommendations on what they should be abel to do in the
near future as a new system is brought online. This has not only created a
pile of recommendation reports, but has generated a great deal of learning
about creating cross functional teams, leadership, organizational planning
etc.. I helped create a team who's charter is:
"This team will explore, plan, and implement an HRIS knowldege
base, by finding ways to capture, store and share information generated by
the HRIS Systems Design Teams. Using dynamic tools and techniques we will
make that knowledge base available to the HR and related communities. The
systems and tools developed will make it easier for individuals and work
groups to learn from the HRIS project experience, and gain understanding of
learning on an organizational level." This is clearly a wonderful and
challenging opportunity. George Por, who recently introduced himself, is
providing guidance.

The other project (outside of Sun) is a 5 year inquiry recently launched by
the World Business Academy (WBA), Pathways To Peace, Businesses for Social
Responsibility and Peace Within Organizations and is linked to the United
Nations. The inquiry, with major events every September, is exploring "Peace
Building Through Business: A Constructive Role for the 21st Century". After
the September 1995 event in San Francisco (to coincide with the UN's 50th
anniversary) the inquiry will go international. This will culminate in a
summary report to the UN mapping the most advanced thinking and successful
prototypes relating to peace building through business in the 21st century.

The inquiry has started now. Each planning meeting is a combination of
planning and inquiry (speakers like Willis Harman from the Institute of
Noetic Sciences and WBA). Given this is a 5 year inquiry, how to best capture
the "nuggets" from each meeting and build upon them year after year so real
knowledge is created and made available to an ever expanding group(s) of

I would like to come to this forum to get guidance and advice at times and I
will share my learnings here.

Best Regards,

David Wick

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