Intro -- Paul Mackey

Paul Mackey (
Thu, 8 Dec 94 13:53:34 GMT (Original EST)

My primary learning organization is my family, my wife and our four
girls. This vision was created at an Innovation Associates Canada
Leadership and Mastery workshop. Since the workshop I have changed jobs
from organizational reviews, from working on our amalgamation
transition team to an untitled job. I call it Futures Advisor,to the
Assistant Deputy Minister, Human Resources- my youngest daughter thinks
I must be a fortune teller. My job is to help the create the kind of
Human Resource services which will help our 18,000 person government
department change. I'm interested in how individuals change, and how
people working together change. At home, I have just experienced how
potent a vision can be as I ran for election as a candidate for school
board trustee. The focus, the excitement, and the belief that we could
make things better had an exhilarating impact on our family learning
organization. I'm also curious about education for children with
special needs, human dynamics, and chochlear implants for the hearing

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