Intro -- Kate Dymoke-Bradshaw

Kate Dymoke-Bradshaw (
Sun, 4 Dec 1994 22:54:45 +0000

Hello everyone. I am new to this discussion list and have been reading it
with interest for a few weeks now. I have worked in IT for over 10 years
and currently split my time between paid employment, working in a
customer-focussed IT department, and post-graduate study in Information

My particular area of interest is the adoption of new technology. I have
found that, in general, the organisational issues in this process tend to
be far more difficult to address successfully than the technical ones. I
would like to find ways of creating the right conditions, at least locally,
in which new technology products can be effectively evaluated and, if
appropriate, piloted and implemented. It is from this perspective that I
have become interested in finding out about organisational learning.

I'm untutored in this field so if anyone can point me in the direction of a
few references that would give me a good introduction I would be most
grateful. I guess The Fifth Discipline would be a good starting point.



Kate Dymoke-Bradshaw