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The other area we need to rethink is our concepts of intelligence. Gardner's
seven types of intelligences is a good start. If we are going to emerge as
learning organizations, than our school systems need to re-define their
mental models of IQ. I am working with school systems to do this. Reflective
practice is critical to thinking. Our next generation must be allowed to
learn in school environments that are driven by multi levels of intelligent,
reflective thinking, and active learning situations. If schools can develop
the concepts of life-long learning just think what the next generation of
organizations might look like. I think the nature of our dialogue on the
"net" would be different.

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Date: 12/2/94 1:31 PM
In education, there is a growing body of research on reflective
practice, which, may provide some insight or suggestions about how all
practioners "think" about what they do.

It seems to me that we have become very good at constructing detailed
statistical pictures of the human condition, but we cannot seem to
depict the people in the pictures.

Am I the only one who sees the humor in this?

Bob Hanson Northern Michigan University