Ragnvald Sannes (IRS@HHS.SE)
Sun, 20 Nov 1994 13:52:57 +0100


I'm jumping on the current wave on introductions to the list. I joined the
list a couple of weeks ago together with a crowd whose curiosity were
challenged by a note on the Business Process Reengeneering list (BPR-L).

I planned to lurk around to see what's going on on this list. But finding
myself involved in the discussion (I couldn't help it), it is time to
introduce myself.

I am working with a doctoral dissertation concerned with the match between
a firms' business driven information needs (information processing
requirements) and its information systems (information processing
capabilities). From this problem I have entered many related areas,
organizational learning being one of them, as I view the match as a
management process rather than a static measure.

To me, organizational learning (and the learning organization) is useful
concepts to explain how, or whether, management (at all levels) is involved
in defining information needs in business terms and see to that the
organization develops required capabilities.

Ragnvald Sannes
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