Intro - Salvatore Viviano

Sal Viviano (
Sat, 19 Nov 1994 10:03:39 -0500 (EST)

Dear networkers,

Hi. I'm Sal. I joined this list about 2 months ago. I've been
meaning to introduce myself for some time so here goes.

First of all I'm 37, married and I'm the father of two small children.
My son, Raymond, is almost three and my daughter, Arielle, will be one year
old on Monday (11/21). I like Aikido, Bonsai, tropical fish and playing
guitar. But I don't spend much time on these activities these days.

So guess what? I work for Ford Motor Company too. (There are 323,000
employees in Ford, but, believe it or not, yes, I do know Judy. She's
really great.) I'm neither a training professional nor an organizational
consultant like many of you. I'm a systems administrator in a UNIX
workstation environment.

You know how every five or ten years you read a book that changes your
life? Well _The Fifth Discipline_ was like that for me. I read it a
couple of years ago - several times actually. I also read The Fieldbook.
In particular I have a passion for Systems Thinking. But I'm still a

Like I said I'm not a training professional, but I am involved with training
as a side assignment, so I've spent some time reading about ISD. The
training committee I chair has begun looking into the idea of learning
laboratories as a practice field for systems professionals to go, along
with their "customers" (i.e. engineers and designers), to practice process

I look forward to participating more and lurking less.

Warmest regards,