Re: L-O, S-D Questions

Entner Mark CPT (fm0026@usma8.USMA.EDU)
Wed, 16 Nov 94 16:27:37 EST

>I have two quick questions that L-O list members might be able to answer:
>1. I have heard references to a Systems Dynamics Society and a Systems
>Dynamics Review. Where would I be able to get info about these? (The
>Pentagon library doesn't carry the review.) I'm assuming that the review is
>a product of the Society, but I'm not sure.
>2. The Fifth Discipline Field Book refers to an S-D five day overview course
>for executives given at MIT. Is such a thing still given/available? Where
>would I call for info?
>Robert Glitz, LtCol, USAF

LtCol Glitz,

There is a SD Society and a SD Review. I subscibe to it here at West Point.

The Review is a part of the membership to the Society. Conact Julia Pugh
Executive Director of the SD Society, 49 Bedford Road, Lincoln MA 01773.

I'll try and find the phone number for you.

MIT offers a 1 week Summer Executive Summer Session in SD. IO went two
summers ago. I'll followup with a number on that as well.

Mark Entner