A New Voice in the Dialogue

John Gould (john_gould@qm.mciu.k12.pa.us.)
16 Nov 1994 08:11:50 -0500

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My name is John Gould and just got on line five days ago. I am the Dir. of
The Center for Systemic School Renewal (CSSR) housed in a State educational
service agency (called an Intermediate Unit (IU)) in Norristown, PA. I am
working with 21 school districts and 4 Technical schools.The mission of the
CSSR is helping the districts to think systemically and regionally by
developing Learning Organizations for solving problems and creating new
images of learning and schooling.
Within in the IU we are struggling with the development of a Learning
Organization mentality. I am sharing the issues that this group is exploring.
It is helping us to see that these concepts are common to all people within
organizations. The concept of "white space" has created a different mental
model for us to investigate as we rethink our structure and funtions.
Becomimg a LO is important for us because we need to model for out customers!
Sean Gawne mentioned organizations that are monopolies; well, public
education in the minds of many is just that! With the new elections in PA,
choice will become a reality within four years. Schools will be forced to
become customer responsive! A new mental model for many in public education.
Couple choice with "technological surges" (see James Burke or Future Quest on
PBS) and voter referendum on budget, schools in PA will learn very quickly
about system dymanics. I think the lesson from the dinosaurs and the asteroid
might be worth a look at in educational organizations! The CSSR will become a
"learning lab" for the schools in this area. The community and business
organizational will become part of this experience.
I look foward to many interacts with the members of this "learning team"
on the NET! Live long and prosper!