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> >One of the techniques for unlearning in individuals preached by Tony
> >Robbins is Neuro-Associative Conditioning and its involves three steps:
> >1) Get leverage - the organization as a whole and its individuals
> > must want to change, in fact recognize that change is survival
> >2) Break the paradigm - convince them that the current ways no longer work
> >3) Install a new paradigm - what new beliefs and behaviours will replace
> > the old ones
> >Although Tony's focus is the individual, I believe that treating an org
> >as an evolving "being" has merit.
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> This is the same theory as Kurt Lewins Change Theory which I beleive is
> where this guy got his it follows:
> 1. Unfreeze the org. - they have to want to change
> 2. Change the org. - Show them the alternatives
> 3. Refreeze the new behaviors......
> Funny how the same theories continue to get tweeked based on the lastest
> vocabulary...
Yes! But it doesn't matter what we call it it is still the same
thing. "Neuro Associative Conditioning", what a name! I tell my students
that I cannot teach them anything. That they will learn if they really
want to learn! This is the same as the Robbins' "get leverage." I believe
that if one gets condition 1 (that the individuals and the organization
want to learn, and recognize the need to change), then there isn't any need
for any one to "sell" a new paradigm. They will look for the alternatives
themselves. The problem with both Robbins and Lewins is that they don't
tell you how to get people to want to learn! Once we get this resolved then
there is no problem - they will learn!


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