Intro -- Paul Zonca
Fri, 11 Nov 1994 15:30:38 -0500

Hello to every one on the list.

My name is Paul Zonca, I am currently employed at a large IT services
company. I have been involved in quality and process improvement activities
with the company over the last several years. It was in this range of
activities in which I became aware of and read the "Fifth Discipline" and
what the concept of a "Learning Organization" could mean as we sought to
effect improvement to our capability of delivering products and services to
our customers. We have attempted to leverage "Systems" thinking into our
process improvement method and have had some success, through the
documentation of an enterprise view of the organization and the types of work
it performs.

In order to promote the learning aspect we regularly conduct forums in which
various project managers who have effected process improvement initiatives
can communicate what they have accomplished and what they have learned in the
project. While this has provided folks the opportunity to share information
and experience, we generally find our selves preaching to the choir in that
most often we are our own audience. We have not been overly effective at
increasing the range of our audience to inlcude members the management

Just with in the last few weeks, we have initiated a activity to improve a
rather complex business process which impacts a large number of functional
organizations as customers. As the Project Manager for the effort, I have
spoken to several of the customer organizations to ascertain their comments
and suggested improvements ideas. A consistent message in the feedback
obtained was that we don't seem to be capable of learning from the various
project initiatives that have followed the process, very often making the
same types of errors and minimal acceptance of the process outputs.

With this latest process improvement in the back of my mind, I happened upon
the notice advertising this list and decided to join, and look forward to
exchanging opinions and ideas.

Paul Zonca
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