RE: Intro - Bryan Frew

Art Kleiner (
Fri, 11 Nov 1994 05:10:05 -0800

I'm familiar with Bill Mollison's Permaculture work from my
days as an editor at the Whole Earth Catalog. It always
seemed extremely fruitful (pun intended) both in terms of
agriculture and organization. But I don't know anything about
it firsthand.
Just to summarize it, however, it has to do with basing
a local community's architectural, business, and land use
structure around the cultivation of lng-standing fruit-bearing
trees. WIth a lot of innovative work around both the tree
cultivation, and the economics that support it. I hope,
Bryan, that I'm doing the subject justice. I think it
resonates very well with the kind of thing we were doing
with the Fieldbook.

By thwe way, there's a new Whole Earth Catalog out, called
the Millenium Whole Earth Catalog, from HarperCOllins

Thanks also for your compliment on the Fieldbook and your
reference to Managing the Unkonwable. We're just starting
to keep a list of books we should look at for the next
...and that one's going into the file....