Re: Re[2]: Intro: Gezinus J. Hidding + question

Art Kleiner (
Fri, 11 Nov 1994 04:54:38 -0800

Sean Gawne writes:
Our whole business world is changing in front of our eyes, at a pace
nobody predicted. This is mainly due to rapidly changing regulations
and political climate. This more than anything else drives the changes
in our company's structure.

Sean, I'd be grateful to know how. This is something I've been
trying to figure out myself.

For exapmle, I'm a small business person myself, but I don't
feel much affect from regulations and taxes -- except as they
seem to affect others' politics. I'm just curious to hear
some examples or stories that illuminate what you've just said.
What is it that led you to post that comment?

Best regards, Art Kleiner