Re: Intro: Gezinus J. Hidding + question

Thu, 10 Nov 94 11:54:37 pst

Gezinus - I work at Southern California Edison. We have embarked on
the journey you describe, although here it is mainly a top-down
effort. Since it is mainly top-down, there has been organization
structure created to support the effort. The current structure is very
difficult to describe as we are trying to superimpose a futuristic
learning organization model on a highly regulated and bureaucratic
company whose core business is in a state of confusion due to outside
forces. The simplest explanation is that there are a number of teams,
some functional and others cross-functional. There is a central
management team that acts as a steering council and to which some of
the other teams report. There are some hierarchys within and amongst
the teams. As I said it's a bit difficult to explain in text. The org
chart does a better job explaining this, I'd be happy to send you a
copy if you sent me your fax number or snail mail address.

BTW, I'm not trying to suggest this is THE model for a learning
organization. It's just one that's being tried in _the real world_.
I'd be happy to share with anyone who's interested and would like to
see any other models you come up with. This commitment to learning is
very new here at SCE so I can't give you any assessment of the impact
on performance yet. I hope to be able to discuss such things on the
list at some future date. I'm sure I don't need to tell this group
that many of the benefits are long-term and difficult to quantify.

Also worth noting that we expect more changes to the organization
structure in the coming year, some specifically designed to promote
the learning organization. But I don't know the timeframe for those
changes. I have no idea what they will be. Be happy to share news of
developments when they occur, though.

Sean Gawne
Southern California Edison
PO Box 128, San Clemente, CA 92674
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Gezinus J. Hidding wrote
"What does an organization look like that has adopted (or is adopting,
if you will) a "learning organization" model? "