High-level model of barriers to BPR change

Wolf D. Schumacher (100141.1254@compuserve.com)
08 Nov 94 13:31:12 EST

This list is thriving ! Only a few hours after having asked to post my model to
the list, i received more than ten mails asking me to go ahead. I do not know
what you expect, but here is what i have to offer and what i would like to
discuss and verify with you.

The following model consists of 18 elements divided into three segments:
Classes of barriers, classes of root causes and classes of strategies to
overcome the barriers. I would like to start with this highest level of
generalization. The elements are numbered C1, C2,..Further down the levels of
the model they are numbered C1.1, etc. The lower levels are not yet
shown. I will post them as we get along with the evaluation process.
There are linkages between the elements. It terms of the systemic management
these portray influences (+ and -) between the elements. At the highest level
they are not displayed.

At this point of the evaluation process I would like you to test the high level
elements within the three streams for completeness. Think of the three streams
as a health problem (barrier), the underlying reasons
(root causes) and the doctors prescription (strategy) for either stopping the
disease to develop or curing the disease. One way to test the completeness is to
think about individual barriers, causes and strategies
and try to sort them into the elements. If you don`t find the proper element,
post it to the list. Also post individual elements as you sorted
them to the high level framework. As soon as we have done that, I will display
the next level down. So far I have developped the model with about 200 internal
and external variables. In order to get your unbiased input to the verification
of this framework, I do not add explaining comments to the high-level elements
presented below. Thank you for your collaboration. I am looking forward to your

Stream 1: Classes of root causes

c1 personal constructs
c2 cultural causes
c3 structural causes
c4 goal setting and decision process causes
c5 communication deficits
c6 external (to the company) causes

Stream 2: Classes of Barriers (to BPR success)

b1 individual centered resistance
b2 group centered resistance
b3 external (to the company) resistance
b4 project stagnation
b5 implementation barriers (technology centered)
b6 implementation barriers (non-technology centered)

Stream 3: Classes of Strategies

s1 learning strategy
s2 negotiation strategy
s3 laissez-faire strategy
s4 command strategy
s5 Jiu-Jitsu strategy
s6 guerilla strategy

Best regards


BTW: I have written an article on the subject (alas: at this point only
available in german) which is due to be published as part of a book
in December 1994.
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