Re: Fortune

Wiggo Hustad (
Tue, 08 Nov 1994 13:58:47 +0100

>On the connection between continous improvement and L-O Norman Frank quoted

> from the October 3, 1994 issue of _Fortune_ magazine, page 68,
>"Intellectual Capital":
> Hip companies call themselves "learning organizations,"
> a vague vogue term for a culture that cherishes
> continuous improvement.

I haven't read the Fortune article, but often you will find that "learrning
organizations" and "organizations that learn" are mixed (conceptual
confusion). If the article is talking about organizations that learn, it
would be wrong to make the direct connection between learning and cont.
improvement (in organizations than learn views and actions seem to converge,
and thus contradict the basis for continous improvement). If they are
talking about conscious learning organizations they are right to make this
connection to continous improvement. What interpretation is proper ?

On the other hand I think that they have a point when saying that the L-O
concept still is a vague vogue term. But we are working on it !

Wiggo Hustad
ph.d. candidate
Western Norway Research Institute