RE: Leverage for shifting the burden

Annamarie Pluhar (
06 Nov 94 22:28:39 EST

So far, the best leverage I have come up with is by changing parents
willingness to have children watch television. Do that-- by showing them how
much more pleasant life is when television isn't part of the family diet.

Also, you change parent's willingness to use television by appealing to their
instinct to want the best for their children, and you give them the space to
come to their own awareness of how television affects them in their home. So I
have a workshop, it's two hours in length, some group exercise, some lecture
and lots of opportunity for discussion between parents. I'm working on taking
into corporate settings as part of their Wellness programs.

People find the "shifting the burden" diagram illuminating.

As for bucking the TV tide, I think I'm actually on the crest of a wave --
there is a significant difference in the way people respond to my ideas now
than there was 8 years ago when I first started thinking about this. Dana
Meadows tells me that she has had response to her column "You are what goes
through your Mind" from all over the country.

Peace, Annamarie