Intro - Norm Frank

Norman Frank (
Fri, 4 Nov 1994 12:10:48 -0500

I guess I should also introduce myself, and today is a good day.
My name is Norman Frank and I am a Sr. QA Specialist consulting
for the Department of Energy. My expertise is procedures and
systems to manage and control work. On the side I review books
on quality, management, and internal auditing for several
publishers, including Quality Press.

My knowledge of the "Learning Organization" is minimal, but I
intend to learn more as time goes on. My personal interest is in
learning methods applied to personal learning that can be
transferred to others for their learning. My personal
frustration is that many people are not interested in learning,
either on the job or on their own time, let alone learning how to

I will post from time to time, but intend to stay in the
background and learn. My postings will have to do more with
books available and with learning systems for individuals that
can be transferred to groups.

If the Talking Stick needs to be passed, consider it passed.

Norman C. Frank
MCI Mail:  4573434