Intro -- Gilles Pilon

Gilles Pilon (
Tue, 1 Nov 1994 22:07:23 -0400

> You are invited to introduce yourself to others on the list. If you wish
> to do so, may I suggest:
> - Describe your experience with the learning organization concepts
> - Say something the questions you have, what you are curious about, etc.
> - Put "Intro -- your name" in the subject line so these intro messages
> might be retrieved later from a possible archive.


I consider myself an amateur with the concepts of the learning
organization. I'm busy reading as much as I can to learn about the theory,
the case studies, the references, and the people involved.

I'm interested in the hard and soft stuff that I can use to leverage our
efforts in quality. I've spent most of my time looking at systems thinking
and its related tools. I've also started to read about managerial
microworlds. I really like the simulation materials [probably because I've
spent much time in previous jobs working in experimental design and
probabilistic models].

I attended last year's Systems Thinking conference and enjoyed it very
much. [My boss and my peers had never seen me so keen to try to do
something with the learning I had experienced.] I couldn't attend this year
because we're doing our ISO 9001 external audit the same week.

I look forward to actively participating in this list.

Gilles Pilon, P.Eng. ABB Power Plants Combustion Division
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