Kellie T Wardman (pegasus)
Mon, 31 Oct 1994 07:49:40 -0500 (EST)

Hello to Everyone...
My name is Kellie Wardman and I am Publications Editor/Director at
Pegasus Communications in Cambridge. Pegasus is a small
publishing/communications company that publishes The Systems Thinker
newsletter, sponsors the Systems Thinking in Action Conference, and has
The Learning Organization Resource Library Catalog. I write for the
newsletter and also create new books and publications in the field of
systems thinking/organizational learning. LeAnne Grillo also has an
account and is hooked up to this list, and she is the Conference Director
here at Pegasus. We are both delighted to be connected with you all and
are seeking ways that Pegasus can support this list and any ways to use
the Internet to help sustain ST & OL efforts. Please let us know if you
have any ideas! We are about to head off to SFO for our conference in
two weeks so we will be quiet for a while, but rest assured that we are
617 576 1231 voice
617 576 3114 fax